Success Story:

Three Bird Nest

“Our goal is to deliver an even better version of the Three Bird Nest that customers have grown to love while improving the customer service experience and creating a business that can scale to its highest potential,”


Prem Chand, Growth Factors


“Working with Prem and Growth Factors has been such a great experience. It’s rewarding to see the momentum in the business, while being able to focus on the things I love about it – the creative process, design, and styling.  We are having a lot of fun and can’t wait for the next phase of the Three Bird Nest adventure!”


Alicia Shaffer, Three Bird Nest

Bringing Scale to a Popular online BOHO Fashion Boutique

Company Background

Three Bird Nest is a bohemian lifestyle brand that inspires + empowers people to express themselves through personal style. The company was founded by Alicia Shaffer, a serial entrepreneur. In 2010 she designed and opened a brick-and-mortar women’s clothing store in northern California, Prim Boutique, and in parallel began selling handmade headbands and accessories on her online Esty shop, Three Bird Nest in 2011.  Both businesses began to see rapid growth with Three Bird Nest soon becoming one of the top five sellers and fastest growing Etsy shops online. In 2013 Alicia sold Prim and focused on building the Three Bird Nest brand through launching its own website and expanding the product line into women’s clothing. In 2017, with a following of three-quarters of a million users across social media, the company was challenged to keep pace with the demand for its products while meeting the expectations of customers, partners and team members. To scale and reach the highest potential, Alicia approached Growth Factors to invest, and to help the company implement scalable business systems and best practices that would support the company’s growth.

Growth Factors Approach

Growth Factors acquired majority share in Three Bird Nest in early summer 2018, allowing Alicia to focus on the parts of the business she loves: brand growth, style, and creative design. Growth Factors and Alicia’s team have collaborated to add scalable business processes and systems across key areas including:

  • Mission, vision and values that underpin a high-performance culture.
  • Go-to-Market demand generation and customer acquisition strategies.
  • Scalable business systems including state-of-the-art supply chain, customer service and business analytics systems.
  • Effective financial planning and accounting practices that support the growth of the business.

Business Results

With a solid mission, vision, and values that inform all of the company’s decisions, Three Bird Nest has attracted new senior leadership, realigned resources toward growth, established goals and business analytics to track progress toward those goals and has addressed procedural shortcomings that were affecting customer satisfaction and hampering success.

The Three Bird Nest brand now attracts twice the number of customers and is delivering improved conversion rates. Customer acquisition costs have been reduced. New, scalable systems for inventory control, financial modeling, accounting, and customer service are now in place, and provide the data and processes required to break through and grow.