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Working Side by Side to Succeed

We are committed to every company we invest in. We are selective about the businesses and founders we bring into the Growth Factors family of companies. To ensure success, we prefer founders and key staff members to stay with the organization for a period of time sufficient for seamless operations. Most times, founders and owners maintain significant ownership.

Investing Criteria

sectors and regions
Sectors and Regions

We invest in ecommerce, real estate, light manufacturing, B2B products, and service organizations.

Company Size

We are interested in companies with meaningful growth potential, market differentiation, a strong customer value proposition and EBITDA of $1 – $5 million dollars.

Types of Transactions

We prefer management buy-outs and growth capital investments.

Expected Returns

We create value through innovation, efficiencies, and economies of scale and revenue growth. We build companies that are worth maximum value.


We take primary ownership in our companies, but prefer founders, owners and key employees to maintain significant personal investment post-transaction.

Holding Periods

Our target holding period is 3-5 years, however, we are committed to holding periods sufficient to achieve our revenue and growth objectives.