Success Story:

Advantage Metal Products


“By working with Prem and Growth Factors, we were able to identify several areas of the business that weren’t operating as efficiently or as productively as possible. As founders, we were struggling to stay on top of customer requirements, supplier and partner relationships, and managing a team of dedicated employees. We had a hard time prioritizing investments or resource expenditures.  Now, with an established mission, vision and values, we have built a high-performance culture that is focused on meeting key performance indicators (KPIs) and measuring our success together.”


Phil Segundo, Co-founder, AMP

Growth Factors Sets the Stage for AMP to Reach the Next Level

Company Background

Advantage Metal Products is an established custom metal fabrication company in Livermore, California. Founded by two brothers, Phil and Mike Segundo, the organization differentiates itself with a very clean, precision metal fabrication process, the industry’s most advanced tools, and a strong engineer to engineer relationship. AMP offers class 1 manufacturing, lights out manufacturing, rapid services manufacturing and full-service contract manufacturing for a variety of industries including the aerospace and medical device industries.

AMP’s Barriers to Scale

AMP came to Growth Factors to explore new ways to tie sales goals to more efficient and cost-effective financial and resource planning. The executive team and the Segundo brothers were challenged keeping pace with the needs of high-value customers, designing work process improvement projects, implementing business systems and tools that allow for precise tracking and management of the business, and managing suppliers, partners, and team members.

Growth Factors Approach

Growth Factors worked with the AMP leadership team to assess the company’s current business processes, and to create scalable business systems that can provide a framework for assessing business performance as well as setting clear revenue, financial performance, efficiency and customer satisfaction objectives. Growth Factors created baseline assessments across:

  • Financial systems and accounting
  • IT and business software tools
  • Resource utilization
  • Team performance and commitment to mission vision and values
  • Business processes for improving partner and vendor relationships, setting and meeting customer expectations, and delivering quality products and services profitably.

AMP Escaped “The Grind”, and is Breaking Through the Barriers to Scale

Within two months of implementing strategic investments in scalable business systems, processes, and staffing, AMP was able to improve productivity and focus on designing differentiated products and services that set them apart in the market and establish leadership among their partners and customers.