Our approach is different than most investors. Our success is built on your success.

Our Expertise

We start by understanding you, your business, and its potential.  We listen. We assess where the business is succeeding and where it needs tuning.  We begin with a baseline of performance and then we set goals, make strategic investments and infrastructure improvements, measure our progress and work alongside you and your team every step of the way.

We bring decades of experience in the key areas that make a business succeed: high-performance culture and leadership; go-to-market including branding, demand generation, and sales; data-driven operations; and scalable business systems.

Each practice lead dives deep into the business to understand what is working, and what opportunities for improvement exist. Then, we work with the leaders in your business to design an approach.

Our Methodologies:

A Formula for Breaking Through the Grind

All successful companies hit “the barrier”. A time when they’ve outgrown their ability to serve customers, effectively manage teams, and efficiently deal with suppliers and partners.  Their go-to-market and sales strategies do not support growth. Leaders are often no longer running the business. Rather, the business is running them. This is called “the grind”.

We know how to break through.

Organizational Operating States

Companies evolve quickly from creating a business, funding it and launching it, growing it and getting it to a stable state of profitability.  Here is where many companies get stuck in The Grind. They are so busy running the business that there is little time for improving business systems, finding new efficiencies and measuring performance.  Old systems start to break down because they can’t scale.

Phase 1: Business creation

You have an idea and a business plan.

Phase 2: Business formulation and launch

Your products and services are available! Buyers come and you start to sell.   

Phase 3:  Growth and momentum

Momentum!  More orders and sales. Your brand has a presence. You’re excited about the future.

Phase 4: Stability and profit

Finally, make a profit! Plan effectively for the near-term. You’re a stable!

Phase 5: “The Grind”

You’re successful….and you’re stuck. You’ve hit “the barrier”.  What used to be easy is becoming more difficult. Happy customers are beginning to complain. Suppliers and partners are upset. Budgets are tight. What used to be your great potential is now your daily struggle.

What you do next determines the quality of your life and your business. Your choices are work harder, compromise family and health and quality of life.  Or, downsize the business. Or, sell. This is where Growth Factors can be the catalyst for change. Growth Factors helps companies build a high-performance culture, scalable business systems, effective go-to-market and sales strategies, and operational best practices that are informed by data.

Phase 6: The Breakthrough

With the right mix of high-performance culture, go-to-market and sales strategies, data-driven operations, and scalable business systems, your business can move past the grind and break through barriers so it can scale.  

high performance
High Performance Culture

Human resources

Talent acquisition

Mission, vision, values

go to market


Demand generation


data driven operations
Data-Driven Operations

Process review / development

Operation roadmap

KPIs with continuous improvements

business performance
Business Systems



IT systems

Growth-oriented business require a high-performance culture to answer the demands of customers, partners, employees and competitors. The more successful a company is, this more imperative it is for its leaders to exemplify knowledge, character, patience, trust and commitment.

We instill the fundamentals of a high-performance culture.

  • Leadership coaching
  • Designed culture roadmaps with mission, vision and values
  • Talent acquisition strategies
  • Turning HR into a positive change agent throughout the organization

We know that branding and demand generation and sales strategies work hand in hand to create revenue and momentum. Our marketing and sales strategies are built on a central focus on customer needs and data about your market opportunity.  We create effective marketing and sales strategies that strengthen the brand, expand the company’s market presence, and create demand for your products to support sales.



  • Compelling brand promises and product messages
  • Identity, logo, visual vocabulary
  • Brand amplification
  • Competitive differentiation

Demand Generation

  • Search engine marketing
  • Social and direct advertising
  • Public relations and customer stories
  • Website and digital marketing

Content marketing

  • Compelling product marketing
  • Success stories
  • Social marketing

Technology-enabled Sales

  • Sales organization development
  • Sales strategies and pricing
  • Technology-assisted prospecting, forecasting, customer relationship management
  • Sales training and enablement

We assess and measure all the tools, software and procedures that affect productivity and efficiency. With the assessment in place, we build a customized operations strategy that improves performance.  With established KPIs, and constant monitoring and measurement, we are able to help our companies achieve highly efficient business performance, proper allocation of resources and staff, and prioritized operations .   With data as a foundation, we can be confident in our decisions to increase or decrease resources in specific areas to meet sales and growth goals.


  • Business operations tools and technology
  • Customized supply chain, logistics and inventory management
  • Integration between operational systems and finance
  • Focus on customer service and satisfaction

We design IT infrastructure that provides the essential information we need to manage the business.  Financial, organizational and product plans can be measured and monitored using the systems we implement. The coordinated use of data, best practices, great tools and infrastructure and a spirit of collaboration across departments allows us to make more informed business decisions and more effective resource planning.

  • Financing strategies
  • Accounting
  • Information technology and productivity applications
  • Customer service platforms
  • Specialized applications (i.e. data warehouse, BI…)