October 15, 2018 – Pleasanton, CA – Growth Factors, a unique investing and business strategy firm that helps companies escape “The Grind”, in partnership with the Chico State Center for Entrepreneurship, announce an informative session featuring Prem Chand, serial entrepreneur and successful business leader on October 17th.  Attendees enjoy a lively, informative discussion about the factors that must be present for entrepreneurs to break through barriers, thrive and achieve their greatest potential.

Prem founded Milestone Technologies, a large IT Services firm over 20 years ago. The company grew to employ over 2000 people in 18 countries, serving more than 200 clients.  Prem shared, “Building Milestone was a real-world education into what it takes to build a successful organization that can scale. This experience taught me that growth is only possible if each of four essential elements are operating at the highest level.  These “growth factors” help entrepreneurs create great, successful, rewarding companies.  I look forward to sharing my experiences with the students, faculty and attendees at Chico.”

Growth Factors helps organizations achieve the highest performance using data and sound business acumen across four key areas:

A high-performance culture that is built on collaboration, empowerment and trust.

Data-driven business systems that provide the unvarnished truth about how a business is performing.

Strong financial strategies, accurate accounting and processes.

Go-to-market strategies that establish brand, differentiate from the competition, and drive sales

 “Whether working in a big company or starting your own, a spirit of entrepreneurship is critical for today’s successful business people,” said Joseph Schneider III, Executive Council member on the Chico State Center for Entrepreneurship (CFE) “Entrepreneurship is about leadership.  Successful entrepreneurs believe in what they’re doing, lean in and do the heavy lifting at work, are transparent, protective of their team members, and lead through inspiration rather than authority. Prem’s track record of success speaks to his entrepreneurs’ spirit. He’s demonstrated that he takes real risk, works hard, leads by example, and embraces the larger good.  I look forward to Prem sharing his experiences and approach with our community. It promises to be a great session!”

Students, faculty and business people are encouraged to attend this free session:

What:  Overcoming Barriers: Breakthrough and Create Exponential Business Growth

Featuring: Prem Chand, Founder and CEO, Growth Factors

When:  Wednesday, October 17, 2018 at 6:00 p.m.

Where: Colusa 100A – CSU Chico Campus